NWA Teens Head to Brazil for Conference

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Three Northwest Arkansas teens travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the Brazil- U.S. Girls Empowerment Conference.

Teah Lorraine Flynn from Farmington High School, and Camila Restrepo-Botero and Haley Zega from Fayetteville High School arrived at XNA regional airport with their luggage Sunday afternoon.

They will be among the 80 young women to attend from the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay. The conference promotes women’s rights and women issues.

Partners of Americas selected 23 women from the U.S. to participate.

Restrepo-Botero wants to pursue a career in education, Zega's passion is for theater performance and Flynn wants to study broadcast journalism. They all participate in community service.

All of them are looking forward to their week-long trip.

”There are so many different people coming from so many different nationalities," Teah Lorraine Flynn said. "It’s really exciting to see everybody come together and be a group."

During the event, the young women will speak with representatives of the Brazilian and U.S governments about public policy.

Teah Lorrain Flynn, 15, Camila Restrepo-Botero, 18, and Haley Zega, 18.

Teah Lorraine Flynn, 15, Camila Restrepo-Botero, 18, and Haley Zega, 18.