The Department of Arkansas Heritage

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Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Arkansas Heritage is to identify Arkansas’s heritage and enhance the quality of life by the discovery, preservation, and presentation of the state’s cultural, historic and natural resources.

Arkansas History & Heritage

Arkansas’s rich heritage and history are woven throughout the state, much like the rich colors, patterns, and textures that are displayed throughout Arkansas’s visual arts, architecture, and museums. This tapestry pieces together the stories associated with Arkansas’s historic buildings like the ever popular Old State House Museum and the little known Hinderliter Grog Shop, and is creatively expressed on stage and canvas in Arkansas’s arts and music, as well as in dance and pottery. The folklore of the Arkansas people begins with Native American Tribes and the Trail of Tears and extends to powerful and famous politicians, including the first U.S. president to be elected from Arkansas. Annual cultural and heritage events offer fun for the entire family and passes on stories about Arkansas’s heritage to future generations. Lesson plans and free teacher resources enrich the classroom. Once you’ve gained some insight into Arkansas history, you’ll enjoy testing that knowledge with our interactive trivia quiz. Reward yourself with some unique Arkansas desktop wallpapers or download a free screensaver for your computer.

From the Arkansas Delta to the Ozark Mountains and all the Arkansas geographic regions in between, our heritage – with its varied patterns and incredible richness – is captured in the stories we pass on to successive generations. The stories of who we were and how we lived ground us firmly in the past and guide us confidently into the future. Someone must be responsible for this legacy to ensure Arkansas history isn’t lost. Please explore our website and contact us today if you need further information.

The Department of Arkansas Heritage was created in 1975 to preserve and promote Arkansas’s heritage as a source of pride and enjoyment for all. It consists of seven divisions, that is, four museums and three heritage resource agencies, each providing Arkansas information resources and unique contributions to the preservation and promotion of Arkansas heritage.

Museums in Arkansas:

Heritage Resource Agencies:

A central Director’s Office coordinates and promotes agency efforts to make our Arkansas information and materials accessible to all through annual heritage and cultural events, educational resources and special publications. We believe that understanding and appreciating our heritage makes us better citizens. Knowing who we are and where we come from lets us create a better future for us all. Please join us in our efforts to make that goal a reality.

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