5NEWS Fit: Drums Alive

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In this 5NEWS Fit, we’re introducing you to Drums Alive. That’s where we’re pounding out the pounds at Faithfully Fit in Van Buren.

"This is really a brand new concept in fitness,” says owner Haycha Franklin. “It involves yoga balls, drum sticks, buckets, and having fun."

Franklin plays drums for her church. Looking to combine her love for music with working out, she says she took to YouTube.

"I just kept flipping, looking through more and more videos and as soon as I found this, I was hooked," said Franklin.

She says she quickly went to Chicago to get trained to be an instructor. Faithfully Fit opened their doors to the exercise last October. According to Franklin, she has the only Drums Alive class in about a four state region.

You combine rhythm, martial arts, and drum line moves all in one insanely fun cardio workout.

"A lot of upper body,” said Franklin. “We will engage the lower body and the core with the way we stand, with squats and lunges."

Don’t worry if you’re not coordinated. Franklin goes over all the moves slowly before cranking up each song.

Another great thing about Drums Alive is any age range can do it. Just ask 87-year-old Delema Eldridge.

"It works every part of your body, and I decided I'd rather wear out than rust out," said Eldridge.

She does Drums Alive three times a week in the Forever Fit class.

"Think it does a lot of good,” said Eldridge. “I'd rather do this than take medicine."

At the end of every class, the lights go out and the black lights come on. That’s when you really let loose and just have fun, secretly getting in shape.

For more information on Drums Alive, find Faithfully Fit on Facebook, or visit them at their website by clicking HERE.