Area Seniors Enjoy Bean Bag Baseball

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Take me out to the beanbag game!  We’re talking about the Senior Strykers, a championship beanbag baseball team, from the Fayetteville Activity and Wellness Center.

The Strykers compete against other bean bag teams from all around Arkansas and they're tough to beat!

John Gibson says it’s tough competition.

"We're proud of our team. We've won several awards. It's cometitive and the smaller towns are usually pretty good because they've only got one senior center... so that strengthens their talent pool," Gibson said.

The game works pretty much like a real baseball game. Instead of swinging a bat, players pitch the bean bag.

There are holes in a board for an out, single, double, triple, and it might be, could be... a home run !!!

"If you get a single, double, triple etc... you move down the line in the chairs. If you score six runs the other team is up," Georgia Childers said.

The beanbag team from Fayetteville occasionally travels for competition, and they have a rivalry with the Senior Center in Harrison.

It’s kind of like the Yankees verses the Red Sox. Yes, it's competitive, but John Gibson says the main thing is the fun.

"We don't run real fast to the bases. Nobody is getting thrown out. The most important thing is it's exercise for us."

If you're a Fayetteville senior and you'd like to play ball… just call the Fayetteville Activity and Wellness Center. It's free, All-American, old fashioned baseball fun!