Maxine’s Tap Room Reopens For Business

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Maxine’s Tap Room, one of the oldest bars in Northwest Arkansas opened its doors again this week after a month long remodeling project.

Maxine opened the bar in 1950 when she was only 24 years old. Although she passed in 2006 at the age of 82, the bar that still bears her name lives on.

Hannah Withers, one of the new co-owners of Maxine’s says they‘ve made more than a few changes.

"We tore a lot of the ceiling out we redid the bathrooms we covered the bar in copper. We gave it a pretty serious facelift," said Withers.  She says they’ve also revamped the list of liquid refreshments, "It's always been a tap room that's focused more on the 14 taps and we're doing several vintage cocktails that are craft cocktails like the Moscow Mule in the copper mug, lot's of fancy Champagne coops and Martini glasses. I think it's a lot of fun."

The old Maxine’s Tap Room is still there, but there Is a new vibe according to customer Gabrielle Langlais, "It was basically like a dive bar and the nostalgia of a dive bar is always fun you can get off the scene come in here and relax and chill  and it was always cool cuz it's brick."

There’s cool stuff too, like the deer head with a tie.

Maxine is gone but the stool she sat in for decades is on the wall. Ron Hollingshead remembers exactly where Maxine sat night after night for decades, "She was always sitting here right in the middle, strategically placed." He remembers one other thing too from the old Maxine’s. “Cheap beer!”

Much about this place has stayed the same and, at the same time, much has changed says Gabrielle, "Now its like I've grown up and so has the bar that I used to come in as a kid grew up with me."

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