Bentonville Hires New High School Principal

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Bentonville Public Schools has named a new high school principal.

Dr. Chad Scott accepted the position over the weekend, according to a news release from the school.

The recommendation will go to the Board of Education on April 15, Superintendent Michael Poore said. Once it is approved, Dr. Scott will assume the position of principal for the 2013-2014 school year.

Dr. Scott is currently the IMPACT & Steam Assistant Principal for Academic Services, which is a program focused on international communication and public services, as well as math, science and technologies. He's held that position for four years.

"This is a team effort, it's not about me," he said. "It's about our team and working to get better each day to support and serve kids."

Dr. Scott does have challenges ahead of him including the population growth and lack of space in the school. About 4,000 students are expected to attend next year.

“We are starting to look at our schedule and seeing how we are going to make students fit and teachers fit to serve kids,” Dr. Scott said. “There's obviously a lot of thought regarding growth and hopefully we are moving in the right direction with that."

There were about a dozen candidates and the pool was narrowed to three, Poore said.

"So that's when we decided we would probably be better off looking right in our own house to elevate Dr. Scott," he said.

Poore said Dr. Scott is well-respected and liked.

“It was really wonderful,” Poore said. “People were really excited about the announcement that he was going to be our person that we are going to move forward on."

Dr. Scott said he's honored to be able to serve the Bentonville.

"As an administrator in the state of Arkansas, to have the opportunity to lead this school in this district is an incredible opportunity," Dr. Scott said.

Dr. Scott replaces Kim Garrett, who plans to move to the Springdale School District to be deputy superintendent.