Fayetteville Man to Run 24 Hours Straight For Charity

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Friday morning at 9, a Fayetteville man is going for a run and he's not going to stop for 24 hours.

Stephen Ray Stafford competes in Ultraman competitions across the country and says he wants to do something to motivate himself this year. Stafford will run on a treadmill at Fayetteville Athletic Club for 24 hours from Friday at 9, to Saturday at 9, all the while donating money to Christopher’s House, an organization that helps homeless families transition into a new home. As a world class ultra-athlete he wants a good way to give back to the community.

"This just came to mind and was a way for me to give back to a cause close to my heart," Stafford said. "You can show people what their capabilities are and that the body can do amazing things that people may not think of day to day.”

Stafford will have one other treadmill next to him upstairs at the FAC. Any person can sign up for 20 dollars to run with him for 20 minutes. If you do not want to run but still want to donate anyway, you can pledge money based on how many miles Stafford runs or pledge for every hour he runs.

To pledge, click here http://fumcwired.com/causes/christophers-house/24-hour-run-for-christophers-house/