Hartford Man Justified in Deadly Shooting, Prosecutor Says

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No charges will be filed against a Hartford man who shot and killed a man outside his home last October, according to Sebastian County Prosecutor Daniel Shue.

Shue’s office has ruled that Eric Wooten was justified in shooting and killing Danny Massey on Oct. 14, 2012.

According to court documents, Massey arrived at the home and accused Wooten of taking his wife and kids away from him. He then threatened to kill Wooten and his children, the documents state.

The two got into a fight and Wooten went into the house to tell his children to hide and retrieve a shotgun from the bedroom.  Wooten told authorities he heard the sound of shattering glass and the kitchen window bursting open.

When Wooten went back outside, Massey attempted to retrieve something from the saddle bag of his motorcycle, the document states. Wooten fired a warning shot into the saddle bag, but Massey continued toward the bag, raising his arms and taunting Wooten, according to the report.

Wooten fired a shot at Massey, resulting in his death.

Shue’s office determined Wooten was justified in using deadly force to protect himself and his children. Blood samples backed up Wooten’s claims that Massey had attacked him, according to the report.

At least three prior incidents during which Massey threatened to rape and kill his estranged wife Crystie Massey and attempted to run Wooten off the road, were also on record at the sheriff’s office.

Phone records revealed the two men had not spoken earlier in the day, but that at least two of Massey’s friends had told him not to confront Wooten that day.

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