Local Runners OK After Boston Marathon Explosions

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None of the more than dozen Northwest Arkansas and River Valley runners who participated in the Boston Marathon were reported injured after explosions killed at least three people and injured more than 100 at the race's finish line.

Fayetteville dentist Lance Osborne ran in the Boston Marathon on Monday and said when he first heard about the explosions, he immediately thought of his wife and kids, who were near the blast.

Osborne had already finished the marathon and was back at his hotel taking a shower. He rushed to a location one block from the explosions to meet up with his wife and three young children, who were all unharmed, he told 5NEWS.

"I just ran a marathon and I ran down the hall from the hotel faster than the whole marathon," said Osborne.

Joe Fennel of Fayetteville and Javier Delgado-Granados of Bentonville are listed as competitors on the Boston Marathon's website. Fennel was unharmed by the explosions.

Delgado-Granados is listed as a senior marketing manager for Walmart.

UA student Christopher Moutos said he thinks about the timing. He finished one hour before the explosions.

"So, It's just a matter of time," Moutos said. "It could've happened when I was going down there, it just happened to go off a little bit later."

Moutos said he qualified for next year but it will be much different next time around.

"Definitely going to be very emotional next year with the race and we'll have to see what changes they make to the security," Moutus said.

Mary Jo Brinkman, of Fort Smith, is OK and was about a half a mile away from the explosions.

Jeremy Maxwell with Western Arkansas Runners says he was shocked when he heard about the explosions. He immediately picked up his phone, scrambling to get in contact with his friends running in the race.

Maxell was able to touch base with two of them. Tom Brennan , of Poteau, Okla., and the family of Mary Jo Brinkman.

Brinkman's family said she was about half a mile away from the finish line when the explosion happened.

“She's in her 70s and this lady is just a phenomenal runner,” Maxwell said. “Just one of the toughest people I know. Did a marathon in Alaska a couple of years ago. I think this is her second time to do Boston.”

"I can't... for a split second, I had to imagine life without my mom and it freaked me out completely," Brinkman's daughter, Bridget Hargrove, told 5NEWS. "She's my hero."

Abdi Dubed, listed as a Walmart pricing manager, was also a runner in the race. He was unharmed in the explosions, according to a spokeswoman for Walmart.

Several other Arkansas competitors in the Boston Marathon have Linked In profiles that connect them to Northwest Arkansas or the River Valley.

Randy Vest, of Ozark, was also a race participant and is OK.

Jeff Glasbrenner is not from Northwest Arkansas, but the triathlete amputee from Little Rock was also running in the race. He wrote "The Gift of a Day" about his struggles associated with his amputated leg.

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