Farmer Speaks Out Against Council’s Pollution Claims

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Cassie Davis and her husband Scott are third generation farmers. They milk about 150 Holsteins twice a day on their farm not far from Prairie Grove. Cassie says it isn't an easy life, but she's proud to be a farmer, "Two percent of the population in America feeds 100 percent of the nation."

Even though she's a dairy farmer, and doesn't even know the family with the proposed hog farm, she wanted members of the Fayetteville City Council to understand the issue, "They've tried really hard to do everything the way that it was supposed to be done. They've followed every rule they were supposed to follow."

But even though the proposed hog farm is nearly 100 miles from Fayetteville, the City Council doesn't think the hog farm is good for Northwest Arkansas. "We just wanted everyone to know including the Governor and ADEQ and EPA, all the environmental groups we wanted everyone to know that we thought it was a very, very bad idea for Northwest Arkansas," said City Council member Adella Gray.

The Illinois River is about a quarter of a mile from the Davis family farm, much closer than the controversial hog farm would be to the Buffalo National River.

"There is very minute chance that anything from that farm would ever get to the Buffalo River and I don't think people understand the process you have to go through to ensure that," said Davis.

The Fayetteville City Council resolution against the hog farm passed unanimously. "We as a City Council just cannot understand how in the world they could let this happen," said Fayetteville Aldermen Adella Gray.

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