Report Of Gunman On UA Campus False, Police Say

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University of Arkansas officials say reports of a gunman on campus are false, after student media reported a classroom lockdown Wednesday.

University of Arkansas TV earlier Tweeted a message indicating a lockdown, stating, “UAPD reports class lockdowns are ‘false alarm, someone with a nerf gun for zomie vs humans.’

Campus police did not lock down any classes and never received a report of a gunman, NERF or otherwise, on campus, said Lt. Matt Mills with the University of Arkansas Police Department.

Mills said he did not know from where the false information originated.

The university’s media relation’s department released a statement Wednesday afternoon, stating, “Twitter reports of a shooter on campus are false. There was no shooter. UAPD did not respond to a false report of a shooter. There was no lockdown. We are trying to find the source of this false information. “