Exclusive: One-on-One with Tyler Wilson Pre-NFL Draft

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5NEWS talked one-on-one with Tyler Wilson just hours before the 2013 NFL Draft to see how he's feeling heading in and to catch up on his favorite moments throughout the journey.

Q: Draft day is a few days away, this process has probably been long for you, how have you been able to deal with it mentally?

Wilson: It's been fun.  It's been a long process.   It's been three months worth of evaluation.  There has been a little stress, anxiety and nervousness.  It's only a couple of days away and I'm excited.  Hopefully I'll get picked somewhere on Friday or Thursday.

Q: You've talked to nearly all 32 teams, what franchise do you feel is the best fit for you as a player?

Wilson: Growing up in Arkansas obviously you follow Dallas, but at this point I hope to be somewhere and be in a situation that is best for me.  Somewhere I can go in and let my ability take over and be the best I can be.

Q: You grew up in the River Valley always dreamed of going to Arkansas, that dream comes true.  Now your dream of going to the NFL is only days away.  How does it feel? Have you wrapped your head around that?

Wilson: It's kind of surreal.  My take on it is I'm going to have my family and friends around in support and enjoy it with them. It's been a long journey to this point and hopefully I get picked up soon.

Q: Through this whole process what has been your favorite part?

Wilson: Obviously the Senior Bowl was a good experience.  The three major stepping stones would be the Senior Bowl, then the Combine and then Pro-Day.  Pro-Day would be my favorite part because I had the chance to choreograph it a little bit so I would have to say Pro-Day.

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