Hogs Football Players Visit Kindergarten Class

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Tuesday was a special day for the kindergarten class at Thurman G. Smith Elementary School as four Razorback football players came to talk them about the importance of preparing for college.

"The Razorback players make a big impact on our kids at such a young age,” said kindergarten teacher Suzie Gage. “Our kids come from families that can be economically disadvantaged and it’s important for them to know that if you work hard and are nice to others that you can go to college and have that job that you want."

"I think it’s very critical that you start teaching kids at a young age to get motivated to go to college,” said junior linebacker Braylon Mitchell. “In today's society it’s very hard to make it without a college degree."

For the fifth straight year, Razorbacks have come to Thurman G Smith Elementary to talk about why it is so critical to aim for that college degree.  According to Mrs. Gage, this is a day the students will never forget and there’s no better time to set a college goal than now.  And when asked how they will get to college, students showed they heard the message.

"You have to be really good, and get A's and B's," said one student.  Another added student added, "I like getting good grades and working hard and playing my favorite sport, which is basketball."

These Razorback football players made sure the kids realized that they are students first and athletes second.

"I learned that they have to learn good grades too so they can go to college and have that sport they want," said another student.