5NEWS Fit: Boxing

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In this 5NEWS Fit, we’re boxing your way to a better body.

Van Buren native Ryan Riley started working out as a boxer six years ago. When you find a sport you’re passionate about, you train hard.

"He's got several titles, trying to get him prepared for a World's Amateur Competition," said Randy Hilmer, owner of River Valley Fitness in Fort Smith.

Riley trains five days a week running, swimming, and spending countless hours at River Valley Fitness. He even tried out for the Olympics.

"It was intense,” said Riley. “It was a great experience once I won the first night I got there."

Two nights into fighting, he lost. Now Riley says he has his sights set on a new goal and is training for the World's Tournament in California this summer.

Boxing is an intense cardio workout, so 5NEWS Anchor Heather Lewis was intrigued, but before she could start perfecting her rope-a-dope, Riley says you first have to learn the basics.

Technique is everything. After accomplishing the footwork, move onto the jabs, hooks, and uppercuts.

Riley says you train to know your opponents and how they fight.

When Lewis put on the gloves, she discovered you not only engage your arm muscles, but also your core, reflexes, endurance and so much more.

Of course Riley's training is more intense since he's been a boxer for years, but if you're interested in the sport, Hilmer says River Valley Fitness offers beginner classes for a regular workout routine.

“We do everything from boxing, to weight training, to body building, whatever you want to do, you can find it here,” said Hilmer.

To support Riley and learn more about River Valley Fitness facilities, click HERE.

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