BLOG: Blogger Allegedly Fired Over “Chunky” Comment

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Oklahoma City Thunder cheerleader, Kelsey Williams knows how to turn heads, cheer on a crowd, and be positive when things look grim. In fact, it’s part of her job when she hits the hardwood. It turns out, she’s putting those skills to use in her personal life as well.

This, after a CBS Houston blogger reportedly posted an article asking if Williams was “too chunky to cheer.” The article, posted on Wednesday, April 24th was taken down by the CBS affiliate, but still days later people are buzzing about it.

In fairness, the blogger, Anna-Megan Riley, who reports show pens under the name Claire Crawford, also wrote, “But if she’s comfortable wearing that tiny outfit and dancing for NBA fans, then good for her. Reports go on to show she also wrote, “Besides… not every man like women to be toothpick skinny. I’d say most men prefer a little meat on their bones.”

The original article also reportedly included a poll asking readers what their take was on her body and what they thought about her wearing the skin-revealing cheerleading uniform.

Williams seems to be taking it in stride–at least publicly.

On April 24th, the day the article orignally appeared, her Twitter account shows she posted the following, “To be womanly always, discouraged never.” The tweet was retweeted nearly 300 times as of Monday, April 29th. Her most recent tweet was the next day when she posted, “We wouldn’t know what blessings were if we didn’t go through trials. Thank you to EVERYONE for the compassion and love today. I’m in awe.”

Williams describes herself on her Twitter account as a “Fashion Editor & Co-Creative Director Twenty Something Magazine, Stylist, Dancer & Choreographer. OKC Thunder Girl.” To browse through her social media sites she appears to be a newlywed madly in love and happy with her husband, crafty, and a fan of catching up on her favorite shows via DVR and Netflix. She also is an event planner in the OKC area.

You can follow Williams on Twitter at @KelseyBWilliams and via her personal blog:

UPDATE May 1, 2013:

Reports indicate the blogger who who took out a poll asking if Williams was “too chunky to cheer” was fired from the CBS Houston affiliate she worked for. While the word “fired” is an assumption, blogger “Claire Crawford” faced critics after the article was posted. Reports show a spokeswoman for CBS Radio said, “The blogger who wrote the story is no longer with the station.” She declined to give further information.

In the meantime, Williams has not posted about the alleged firing via social media. On Wednesday, she re-tweeted a verse from the Bible, Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” The previous day she posted, “I find it incredible that so many people have gone out of their way to life me up this past week. God really is so good. Thanks again.” Earlier that same day she also posted, “You can’t let other people tell you who you are. You have to decide that for yourself. What a great quote.”

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