Rogers Burger Joint Contemplates Liquor License

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The owner of the Susie Q. Malt Shop property in Rogers has applied for a packaged liquor license, according to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC).

Some customers are concerned this business, considered a staple, might be replaced by a liquor store if approved.

Its application to the ABC is part of a lottery. State liquor authorities will only issue 55 liquor licenses in Benton County and its received hundreds of applications.

Susie Q. has been part of the Rogers community since 1960.

"It's a landmark. It's been here for so long," said Richard Smith, who's a regular at the malt shop.

No one knows what will happen to the business, if the liquor license is given the OK.

"It's probably not enough room for a liquor store and Susie Q," Smith said. "I would hope they don't tear it down."

Susie Q. Malt Shop has 53 years of history and it's seasonal. It opens it's doors February through October each year.

"Everyone looks forward for it when season opens," said Kimberly Scott, Rogers native. "It's something that's been here my whole life."

Scott said she grew up with Susie Q. in their backyard.

"I used to put my food in the back window and sit up there and eat when I was little," Scott said.

When customers see the yellow sign, it raises questions.

"Whenever I saw the liquor license, I just kind of assumed that maybe they were going to start carrying beer here or something and I was like that might be a fun thing for the community," said Keely Yount, customer.

"I think that would be very sad if it got shut down. I mean this is like a trademark of Rogers," Yount said.

State liquor authorities have received hundreds of applications for packaged liquor but only a limited number will be approved. The ABC hasn't announced when they will issue the liquor permits in Benton County.


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