Under-21 Handgun Ban Upheld in Court

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The National Rifle Association lost its case against the federal government to reverse the sale of handguns to people younger than 21 years old.

Two University of Arkansas students and friends have two separate thoughts on the issue.

"I think as a security risk you want the age of 21 because in people's minds once you are 21, you are older and wiser," said Jonathan Ladd, 19.

Tyler Hartney, UA freshman, said, "What difference does it make whether you are 18 or 21?” “We can go to the military when we are 18."

The federal appeals court sided with the federal government to keep the ban. The NRA sued claiming the current ban violated the constitutional right of their members who were between the ages of 18 and 21.

"I think that handguns you can conceal them a lot more. I mean you can't just carry around a 12-gauge in your pants," Ladd said.

Hartney said, "Honestly I think the handgun, yes it might be easier to conceal, but what has more capacity to kill?"

Ladd thinks the law should stay in place.

"I believe that owning a handgun can wait so I think that's a good decision by the federal government," Ladd said.

However, Hartney believes the federal governments reach into gun control could end up restricting other firearms.

"Now they want to ban rifles so what guns are they going to allow us to have?" Hartney said.

The restriction applies to federally licensed firearms dealers.

Click here to read the 41-page court opinion.

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