5NEWS Fit: Xtend Barre

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We’re sculpting your body at the ballet barre with Fayetteville Pilates and Barre. You’ll be torching calories with this workout designed for anyone.

“In order to challenge the muscle in a new way, it's probably going to start to quiver a little bit, right?” said owner Lisa Webb.

If you want a chiseled fisique, take an Xtend Barre class. Your muscles will constantly be shaking as you push them to the point of exhaustion.

Julie Linker has been doing Xtend Barre for a year.

"I took ballet, maybe when I was in first grade, but I didn't have any extreme ballet training," said Linker.

After her first class, she says she was in pain for about a week. That’s because the ballet moves work every part of your body. Webb says that’s why she started teaching it.

"I'd been a Pilates instructor in Los Angeles and I just found that Xtend really added a cardiovascular element to my Pilates workouts for my clients," said Webb.

Webb says Xtend Barre is low impact, so anyone can do it. Yes, that even includes men.

"All of the footwork can really really improve his balance and his flexibility, so he loves it," Webb said about her husband.

You'll work the arms, leg muscles and core. If your muscles aren't shaking, you're not doing it right. Webb says a lot of her clients use the class for cross training.

"Don't quit after the first class because you are in a lot of pain, but it gets so much better," said Linker.

"Everybody talks about how it's such a hard workout," said Webb. "It's a little intimidating, but don't be too scared. It's a lot of fun. The music is great. The energy is great. Nobody is looking at anybody else. We're all just here to sweat and have a really good time and feel better."