Kids Keep Playing Ball, Even in Cold Rain

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It's definitely not baseball weather outside and for many teams, games were cancelled or postponed until the sunshine returns. But for some, the rain just meant muddy pants.

"It's pretty nasty out," Johnny Young, the coach for ASE, said. "It's usually by now that we're wearing shorts. Of course, earlier in the week we were wearing shorts. Now it feels like a November football game out here."

But even as temperatures continued to plunge, the team kept playing ball. Each of the first and second graders, picked up a bat, winded up and tried to hit one out of the park even as their teeth were chattering.

"Well, it's pretty cold out here," Rory Gill, 7, said. It's cold enough to have to have a jacket on out here."

"I'm playing baseball and I'm trying to get all of the other teams out so if I can get them out we can keep playing," Ty Jones, 8, said.

The kids tried their best to stay warm.

"Some of the kids are complaining that they can't feel their hands and that they're having trouble hanging on to the bat and the bat's flying out of their hands, so it's been rough so far," Young said.

While the kids loaded the bases, devoted parents watched the game which many thought would be cancelled, bundled up under their umbrellas.

"In the past we would have cancelled tonight but they've done some renovations to the field where it drains better and made some upgrades," Young explained. "So that's why we're playing."

And, as always, for the love of the game.