School Tries to Stop End-Of-Year Pranks

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With high school graduation nearing, students sometimes like to participate in campus pranks.

But authorities in the Springdale School District say some pranks crossed the line.

Several end-of-year pranks have already occurred, according to school officials. Some students could be facing expulsion or criminal charges depending on the severity of the prank.

When officers arrested two students camping out at Springdale High School late Wednesday night, police say one told them they were there to prevent Har-Ber students from egging the campus.

Pranks so far have included a ‘tweet’ stating a baby had been born at Har-Ber High. In another prank, someone took a photo of the Har-Ber High School principal’s motorcycle and posted it for sale on Craigslist.

The school received more than 100 calls in response to the ad. The advertisement has since been taken down.

"We can consider that harassment because you`re doing it with the purpose to annoy someone and you could face charges for that," said Lt. Derek Hudson, Springdale Police.

School officials and police are currently trying to track down the students behind the pranks. It will be up to the school to decide whether the students will be punished, however, police say they will get involved if the prank rises to the level of being a crime.

"More criminal mischief, meaning if they do something that is going to damage something in the school or somebody`s vehicle or something like that, something that is going to cost somebody money is when we are really going to get involved as far as that concerned," said Hudson.

Bomb threats are not considered a prank said Hudson.

"Bomb threats are a whole other issue we are going to press charges to the fullest extent for something like that, we are going to work with administrators but that`s a whole other issue," said Hudson.