Benton County Runners Brave The Cold Weather

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Snow fell in Arkansas for the first time ever in May on Friday morning, dropping temperatures into the 30's.

But that didn't stop some runners from taking to the streets in Bentonville on Friday night. Big crowds bundled up for the Gold Rush 5K and fun run that benefits Bentonville schools. Almost 2700 people registered for the event, and the weather, as cold as it is, wasn't a factor.

"All the schools all the kids came out to support their schools, their name, their team. They all had on a shirt, they were all excited. You can't stop the kids enthusiasm, " said Brandie Perry, Gold Rush Chairman.

1st grader Jenna Gogel, had fun. "It was like a bunch of fun because I was with my friends," she said.

This was the fun run debut for 6 year old Kylie Criner who was elated, "That I outran my mom!"

Many in the crowd were wearing their winter jackets; but Steve St. John wouldn't give in to the chilly temps. "It's actually great weather for a run I really enjoy it. Really, it's really good weather,” said St. John.

Nobody had more fun than Joey Fowler, AKA Joey the Joggler. Joey jogs and juggles at the same time. He said joggling is a great way to lose weight, "I started March of last year and I’ve lost 30 pounds since."

Where did Joey come up with the idea of juggling and jogging at the same time? "I read about it on the internet and I thought well I'll try it. I need to lose some weight and running by itself is kind of boring."

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