Will Your Plants Last this Cold Spring?

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If your plants weren't covered Thursday night the cold temperatures and snow may have done them in.

But a Northwest Arkansas nursery owner says there is still time to protect your plants as temperatures continue to drop this weekend.

Mark Rockwell has been a nurseryman for 26 years at Rockwell Farms Nursery. He's not used to this weather in May.

"I mean we have sold some trees and some shrubs today which can handle the cold obviously but as far as annuals and vegetables and attitude, it's terrible for business," he said.

Julie Null was one of the few customers out shopping for new plants Friday (May 3), she was prepared last night.

“Well, I put cardboard boxes over all my peonies and shrubs that I had, the small things,” Null said. “Then I had a very large tarp that I put over the garden because I have all the potatoes are up, the corn is coming up the broccoli and stuff like that to protect it."

Rockwell says based on the current forecast it’s a good idea to keep your annuals and garden covered until it warms up on Sunday.

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