POLICE: Woman Shot in Face in Stable Condition

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Bella Vista Police said a woman found shot in the face is in stable condition in a Springfield, Mo., hospital.

Saturday (May 11) Bella Vista Police found Annette Rapalee, 54, from Jane, Missouri, seated in a creek bed, with bloody clothing and injuries to her face.

"Well her face was all swelled really bad and she was really bloody all over, like her blouse was all bloody," said Olen Hudson, the man who found her.

Hudson was riding his horse when he saw her on her hands and knees in the creek bed.

He said he tried to help her.

“She just said ‘I don't need any help’ and I said ‘I think you do,’ and she said “I don't need help,’ so we just went and called the police and came back," Hudson said.

Police said Rapalee was taken to Saint John's Regional Health Center in Springfield, Mo.

Bella Vista investigators are working with the McDonald County, Mo., Sheriff's department and the Springfield, Mo., Police Department on the case.

Rapalle's neighbor in Pineville, Mo., Sherry Pankau says she often drove Rapalle to the store for groceries since her husband died last year.

She says a day before Rapalle was found shot and beaten, she went over to her house and she wasn't there.

"Saturday I told my daughter something isn't right and I called Wilma and said ‘If she doesn't answer the door, I'm going to have the cops do a wellness check,’” Pankau said. “It's not like her to not answer the door.”