Burglars Try to Hit Clearinghouse Again

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Just seven months after a burglary took place  at Community Services Clearing House Inc., in Fort Smith, thieves struck again.

Sirens sounded around 1 a.m. Wednesday (May 15) as a burglar attempted to steal an air conditioning from the facility on Wheeler Avenue. Bob Curd, Chief Operation Officer said this is not the first time this has happened.

“It’s really frustrating when it happens a second time even though they didn’t get away with anything,” said Curd. “It’s still going to cost us about $800 for the repairs for the unit. It still costs us money whenever they do stuff like this and the fact of the matter is with alarm systems on there now and I hope there listening, there not going to get away with it.”

Anyone with information on this attempted theft is asked to call River Valley Crime Stoppers at (479)  78-CRIME.