Family Wants Answers in Cold Case Disappearance

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The family of Shirley Snow, who went missing from the Tulsa area in 1975, is in the River Valley looking for answers about her disappearance.

Snow's family said they believe she is buried in Franklin County and have now put up a $2,000 reward for information about her case.

"She's been gone for 38 years," Sandra Snow, Snow's daughter-in-law, said. "They've just put a new hole in the hearts of these people. It's fresh its alive. They're reliving it all over again. And it's not fair if they can't find her."

Snow's son, John, was only 14 at the time she went missing from their Tulsa County home.

"I think what made it the worst was when the children came, and then there are grandchildren that she'll never see, and great-grandchildren she'll never see," John Snow said. "That right there's kind of tough. It's hard, it's hard."

A missing persons report shows Snow was last seen in the Broken Arrow area with her boyfriend at the time, Alex Banning Sr. The mother of three told her family that she was going to Arkansas with her boyfriend.

Last month, Tulsa County authorities got what they say they thought could be a break in the case: a tip that Snow's body was dumped in a well owned by relatives of the Banning family in Franklin County.

"We joined resources with the sheriffs there in Arkansas and there was a lot of time spent looking for the remains to see if they were in fact buried there on that land, but we were not able to locate anything," explained Major Shannon Clark with Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.

Both Tulsa County and Franklin County Sheriff's Offices are now working together to search a neighboring piece of property.

The family told 5NEWS they hope the case continues to move forward.

"We're sitting, hoping, waiting and praying that everything can come back together," Sandra Snow said. "That this will move forward."

The Snow family said they plan to be in town through Friday.