Man Allegedly Slashes Daughter’s Boyfriend’s Throat

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Fort Smith police arrested a man for allegedly slashing his daughter's boyfriend's throat on Thursday (May 16).

Police responded to the 3100 block of South 14th Street in reference to a stabbing. Officers found Braxton Cole, 19, with a large cut to the side of his neck.

People who know both men told police there was tension between Cole and Verlin Sherril, 47, over Cole's relationship with Sherril's daughter.

According to the arrest report, Sherril drove his grandson, who is also Cole's roommate, to their apartment Thursday. The report states on the way to the apartment, Sherril stated if Cole spoke to him, Sherril would "cut him" and he "does not fight fair."

Eyewitnesses told police Cole and Sherril engaged in a verbal argument Thursday, and Sherril "slashed" Cole's neck with a box knife.

"It was basically verbal and chest bumping at the beginning, but at some point, Mr. Sherril produced what was described as a silver box knife," said Sgt. Daniel Grubbs with the Fort Smith Police Department.

Sherril left the scene before officers arrived but was found in the 100 block of North 11th Street five hours later. He was arrested by detectives and faces a charge of first degree battery.

Cole's mother, Monique Hayes, said she witnessed the attack and pulled her son from Sherril's grip. She said her son sustained a wound six inches long and three inches deep and three arteries in his neck were cut.

"They said it was really life threatening, that it was a possibility he wasn't going to make it," said Andre Wright, Cole's cousin.

Wright said Cole may have long-term damage to his right arm as a result of the attack.

"His right arm might be paralyzed for a year because he almost had bled to death because he cut a main artery in his neck so he had a blood transfusion and all of that," said Wright.

The box knife reportedly used has not been located.

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