Gun Auction Proceeds To Buy Sheriff’s Office New Vehicles

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More than 100 people lined up to check out the handguns and rifles being auctioned off in Poteau on Saturday (May 18).

The LeFlore County Sheriff's Office auctioned off 264 weapons that had been confiscated and held in the department's evidence vault. Sheriff Rob Seale said some of the guns were collected as far back as 1999.

"A lot of them are weapons that have been seized in court cases that have been cleared," said Seale. "A lot of them are just lost property that's been found, property that's been turned over by the owners."

The auction brought in potential buyers from Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri, according to Seale. The crowd included gun collectors as well as people looking for guns at a discounted price.

Kenneth Blue of Arkoma said he saved between 25 and 50 percent on the guns he purchased at the auction. John Didway of Panama said he saved up to $700 on the pistols he bought.

"What's going on here today is really going to help [the sheriff's office] out a lot," said Didway. "You know they're probably going to make a lot of money on it."

The sheriff said the event raised about $27,000.

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