Lincoln Sign Theft Ends with Four Behind Bars for Meth Lab

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Four people were arrested Friday (May 17) after authorities found a meth lab inside a Lincoln mobile home.

Lincoln Police were called out to 311 Shady Street around 6 p.m. Friday to investigate a stolen sign, according to a police report.

Officers said when they arrived Felisha Crittenden removed the stolen stop signs from a camper trailer and gave them to police.  Officers reported Crittenden was acting nervous, so they contacted the owner of the mobile home who gave them permission to search the inside of the mobile home.

Lincoln officers report they found three people inside sitting on couches in the home.  Inside the trailer officers found a marijuana bong, a plastic baggy containing approximately one gram of suspected methamphetamine, along with three glass meth and marijuana pipes, according to a police report.

Drug task force agents called out to investigate also found a shake and bake meth lab. Materials seized included clear plastic tubing, four propane torches, one coffee grinder containing a white residue commonly used to grind ephedrine pills, several clear plastic baggies, digital scales, one glass top container containing an orange solution along with 32 Alazopram tablets in a glass jar, according to Lincoln Police.

Katelyn Anderson, Dylan Ballard, Felisha Crittenden, and Steven Poplin were all booked into the Washington County Jail on multiple felony drug charges