Storms Uproot Huge Trees in Benton County

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Gusts between 60 and 80 miles per hour uprooted trees, downed power lines, and left debris scatted on Benton County roads late Monday night (May 20).

Crews are trying to assess the damage, even with more storms on the way.

"The road department has been out working on trees that are across the road,” said Robert McGowen with Benton County’s emergency management department. “Also, volunteer fire departments have been out throughout the night clearing roads from numerous reports throughout the county of trees down on county roads and other roads.”

One large tree was uprooted and landed in the dining room of a home.

In Bentonville, a woman’s backyard and pool were taken over by downed trees.

"The wind came up and I saw the trees blowing out behind us and this one came through the fence and into the pool," said Lauren Harthcock. “The sirens went off a little bit before. We were all in the basement and could see out the window that, that one was coming over."

No serious injuries were reported in Benton County as a result of the storms.

Over the last several weeks Benton County has enacted two disaster declarations and those are both still in effect.

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