BLOG: Top Vacation Plans

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Are you ready for summer? Or better yet, are you ready for a summer vacation?

The end of May, Memorial Day nearing, and kids getting out of school have many dreaming of a vacation, planning one, or wishing for one. With vacation comes travel plans and food. What is your preferred method of travel? Or perhaps your favorite little guilty pleasure to nosh on.

Planning a little dream vacation in your head right now? Let’s see how you rate with the rest of the country as a new survey from TripAdvisor is out. Here’s what they found:

5 Most Popular Types of Summer Vacations

  1. Ocean escape
  2. City vacation
  3. Countryside getaway
  4. National park
  5. Lake destination

Favorite Summer Food Indulgences

  1. 33% said they would splurge on ice cream
  2. 13% will reach for a Lobster
  3. 9% look forward to fried seafood

Summer Travel

More people will be traveling this summer.  86% are planning a summer trip, up by 7% from last year:

  1. 74% will be traveling by car
  2. 64% will be flying
  3. 11% will take the train