BLOG: CDC Finds Public Pools to Have Fecal Contamination

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Time to break out the sunscreen, grab the swim suits, and dive into the pool. It’s time for area public pools to open for the season. Many hail Memorial Day weekend as their summer kick-off. Ready to make a splash?

It seems, though, there may be more than just chlorine in the pool water. CBS News reports the Centers for Disease Control found “poop” in nearly 60% of public pools sampled recently. Tests revealed 58% of pools were positive for E.Coli–however not all E.Coli will make you sick, E.Coli as the report points out is found in drinking water.

There are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of contaminating pools. The CDC recommends the following:

  • Shower with soap before you swim
  • Avoid the pool when you have diarrhea and for two weeks afterward
  • Take a bathroom break every hour, especially young children
  • Take a rinse shower before you get back into the water
  • Wash hands after bathroom breaks and after changing baby diapers

To read the full report from CBS, click here.

Samples came from metro-Atlanta area, 160 public pools–both indoor and outdoor.