LIVE BLOG: Severe Storms Move in May 30-31

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Severe storms capable of producing strong winds and possible tornadoes move into the area Thursday evening and into Friday morning.

Tyler Southard May 30, 201311:28 pm

This line of storms is moving ESE and may produce spin up tornadoes. We are seeing strong rotation near Lincoln, AR. Keep a close watch on this storm and be in a safe place!

Tyler Southard May 30, 201311:06 pm

We have tornado, severe thunderstorm, and flood warnings on going in the area. We are live on KFSM with the coverage.

Tyler Southard May 30, 201310:11 pm

Powerful straight line wind, quick spin up tornadoes, large hail, frequent lightning, and heavy rain are likely with this storm pushing through Benton and north Washington counties. TAKE SHELTER IF YOU ARE IN THE PATH OF THIS STORM!

Tyler Southard May 30, 201310:07 pm

Tornado warning has been extended into Benton and northern Washington counties. There are two noted areas of circulation. 1 is heading due east toward Gentry, the other heading east toward Decatur. TAKE SHELTER NOW IF YOU ARE IN THE PATH OF THIS STORM.

Shain Bergan May 30, 20139:39 pm

Tornado warning issued for Benton and north Washington counties

Tyler Southard May 30, 20139:23 pm

We still have a tornado warning with this very slow moving storm moving east at 20mph. Rotation is starting to look stronger with this. Residents of Delaware county in the path of this need to take shelter now! West Benton county should continue to monitor this storm.

Tyler Southard May 30, 20138:38 pm

Tornado warning continues on this storm moving into Delaware county. A quick spin up tornado is possible..rotation is still marginal though. This storm is moving fairly slow toward the NE. Heavy rain, frequent lightning, and large hail are possible with this storm.

Tyler Southard May 30, 20138:24 pm

We are watching this tornado warned supercell moving into Delaware county. Rotation is still fairly weak but Benton county should monitor this.

Tyler Southard May 30, 20137:03 pm

Tornado warning for this storm between Wagoner and Chouteau moving east. Rotation does not look strong at the moment.

Alicia Agent May 30, 20136:34 pm

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Montgomery County in AR until 7:15pm

Tyler Southard May 30, 20136:23 pm

Flooding will be a concern between now and Saturday with more rounds of storms coming. Here are the current Flood watches/warnings.

Alicia Agent May 30, 20136:06 pm

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Polk County in AR until 6:45pm

Tyler Southard May 30, 20136:04 pm

We are watching some stronger storms starting to move toward extreme NW Arkansas. Some weak rotation currently being detected by radar. More storms are expected to move into Arkansas from the west into the evening and overnight.

Alicia Agent May 30, 20135:46 pm

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Delaware and Mayes County in OK until 6:30pm

Alicia Agent May 30, 20135:42 pm

Tornado Warning for Polk County in AR until 6:00pm.

Alicia Agent May 30, 20135:42 pm

Tornado Warning for Montgomery County in AR until 6:30pm.

Alicia Agent May 30, 20135:14 pm

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Yell County in AR until 5:45pm

Alicia Agent May 30, 20135:13 pm

Tornado Warning for Montgomery, Polk, and Scott County in AR until 5:45pm.

Alicia Agent May 30, 20134:45 pm

A powerful storm caused injuries and damage in the western Arkansas town of Oden, Montgomery County Deputy Sheriff Thomas Goad said. Goad said he was unsure about the nature or number of injuries, or how many structures were affected.

Alicia Agent May 30, 20134:38 pm

Tornado Warning for Polk County in AR until 5:15pm

Alicia Agent May 30, 20134:19 pm

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Delaware and Mayes County in OK until 5:00pm.

Tyler Southard May 30, 20134:12 pm

The tornado indicated circulation looks to pass through the south side of Mena.

Tyler Southard May 30, 20134:07 pm

Tornado warning for this storm located by Hattfield moving NE toward Mena. Damage has been reported by this in the Cove area.

Alicia Agent May 30, 20134:01 pm

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s office says they have had reports that a tornado touched down near Oden. There are reports of injuries, property damage and powerlines down

Tyler Southard May 30, 20133:57 pm

Here is a current looking at the radar over the region.

Round 1 is still pushing through to the east.
Round 2 has started to develop in Oklahoma just west of the AR line.
Round 3 is still back through OKC.

Tyler Southard May 30, 20133:45 pm

Very active weather is going on in the area. Tornado watch continues until 9 PM for all of NW Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma. More storms are expected to develop through the afternoon and evening. These storms will be capable of producing tornadoes, powerful winds, hail, frequent lightning, and heavy downpours.

Alicia Agent May 30, 20133:35 pm

House destroyed in Oden, Arkansas. Injuries, EMS in route. Likely tornado damage west of Mt Ida.

Alicia Agent May 30, 20133:16 pm

The Wakarusa Music Festival on Mulberry Mountain in Franklin County kicked off about three hours later this afternoon because of weather. More on this story:

Alicia Agent May 30, 20133:13 pm

Tornado Watch for Montgomery, Newton, Polk, Scott, Sebastian, Washington, Yell Benton, Carroll, Crawford, Franklin, Johnson, Logan and Madison Counties in AR until 9:00pm

Tornado Watch for Adair, Cherokee, Delaware, Haskell, Latimer, Le Flore and Sequoyah County in OK until 9:00pm