Tree Uprooted, Lands on Home in Winslow

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Strong winds blew through West Fork and Winslow early Thursday morning (May 30) causing damage to the area.

Sharon Manning and her family spent the morning cleaning up after straight line winds that officials say reached 40 to 50 miles per hour uprooted a tree that landed on their home.

“About 2 a.m. in the morning we had the storm coming in and the hail was hitting the windows.  At first I thought what`s that dog getting into, we have a Chihuahua, and then all of a sudden I heard the crash and I heard the glass breaking,” said Manning.

That crash, a tree falling into their home.

“And of course you can see that we've got a tree inside the house here, and I've got the sunlight roof that I've never had and always wanted in the wrong way,” said Manning.

Manning said during the storm she looked outside and saw tree branches flying through the air and she and her husband took cover.

“So then my husband is getting up and he`s like `oh my gosh, we got a tornado going on,` and so we tried to take cover the best we could so we went into the bathroom.  Where else do you go in a mobile home, you don`t go out when the trees are coming down, “ said Manning.

Manning says she's lived in this home for 23 years and has never had this kind of damage.

5NEWS viewer, Kathleen Smith sent in pictures of three uprooted trees on her property near the Manning’s.  She told 5NEWS she didn’t sustain damage to her home.

Officials with the National Weather Service said there was no indication the storms this morning produced tornadoes in Washington County.