Scott County Homes Swept Away By Flood Waters

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Deadly and destructive flood waters roared through Scott County Thursday night (May 30) and into early Friday morning (May 31).

"I was knee-deep in water, and I called 911 again," said Evelyn Howard. "I told them, 'I am desperate. I need help and I need it now.'"

Howard awoke to water flowing into her home in "Y" City early Friday morning. She said the water level rose quickly, and she needed to get out.

Howard's brother who lives nearby helped her and her dog, Sugar, escape to safety with nothing more than the clothes on her back and her purse in hand.

Howard said minutes after she left the rushing waters swept away the home she's lived in for 38 years. She said she has not been able to find a trace of her home since.

"I had an 80-foot mobile home with a 14x20 foot room built on the front and a roof over all of it. I had a two-bedroom home that was right there beside me. It's all gone. Every bit of it."

Fifteen homes in her area were damaged or destroyed in the flooding, according to Howard. She's grateful to have people in her community she can count on during this difficult time.

"Everybody helps everybody," she said. "It doesn't make any difference who you are, they're going to help you. That's the kind of people they are, and that's the kind of friends that you want."

The Scott County community has lost more than just property. Severe flooding also claimed the life of one woman and Sheriff Cody Carpenter.

Howard said her late husband served as county sheriff for many years. When her husband passed away, Carpenter and other law enforcement officers escorted his body from the church to the cemetery.

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