Walmart Shareholders Week Kicks Off With Elton John

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About 14,000 Walmart associates arrived in Northwest Arkansas and Tuesday (June 4) the activities began with a free concert by music icon Sir Elton John.

The concert at the UA Bud Walton Arena was filled with only associates. Walmart accepted ticket requests on May 15th and within minutes every spot was taken by associates. The company was going to place the left over tickets to the public on May 30th.

"It's my first time," said Rui Ortiz, associate from Brazil. "I got my ticket here and I'm really excited."

Ortiz said he works for the logistic department and has worked for Walmart for 18 years. He said he's never experience so many cultures in one spot.

"I've been talking with a bunch of guys here from everywhere," Ortiz said. "Its really different, first time I've experienced that."

Hilda Mooka, Suzen Luhanga and Katleho Kekana are visiting the region from South Africa.The trio said South Africa will be hosting Friday's Shareholders meeting.

"We traveled 20 hours from South Africa so we must be excited," Kekana said. "To come here and see people come from [everywhere], looking forward to going inside."

Associates have a week full of activities and big stars will be joining them as well. Rodrigo Muñoz, associate from Mexico, said it's surreal to visit the place where Walmart was born.

"We're looking to learn, also to see the way that Sam Walton used to teach all those values and so we will apply it to the customer," Muñoz said.

Wednesday country music star Luke Bryan will perform at Bud Walton Arena.

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