Behind The Scenes Taste of Food at Sam’s Club

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Tasters at the Sensory Lab at Sam's Club Headquarters in Bentonville decide what food should be placed on the shelves at Sam's Clubs across the nation.

“Explaining a little bit of the science that goes behind what goes into these great items that we're able to get and how we're defining that process to get great items for our members all across the country," said David Tovar, Walmart Vice President of Communications.

About a 65-100 people in two different panels taste four food items each a day.

They rate each product based on things like texture and sweetness and a report is sent back to the Corporate Chef.

“They`ll actually taste one and then rate it, and give me the feedback and from that feedback I`ll determine did it pass or fail and what do we need to do to improve,” said Angela Hebert, Sam’s Club Corporate Chef and Senior Product Developer.

Panels taste hundreds of food items a year, from cheeses to a chocolate pyramid.

“Last year we did almost 1,700 items through here and about 80 percent actually met our minimum standards however only 15 percent make it into the club,” said Hebert.

The Sensory Lab also does taste tests on certain local flavors specific to the area in which a Sam’s Club is located in the country.

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