Kids Work Out With Arkansas Coaches, Players

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The weather was perfect for the Arkansas Razorback football camp where kids and coaches alike were put through several challenges.

"If you give a bad command to a first or second grader and you're not super clear or concise on what you're supposed to do and where your finish is, what the expectations are, I mean its like a, you know, a mess." said tight end coach Barry Lunney Jr.

We all know that a large group of young boys can be messy at times but when I spoke to some of the kids, I found out they learned quite a bit.

"I learned about how to tackle and just to have fun." said Justin Trucks.  Maddox Benard also said, "I learned tackling, throwing, intercepting and blocking."

Learning all of that in one day can be a lot, but between the coaches and freshman players, no kid went unnoticed. Whether it was autographs with head coach Bielema or running the same drills as the Razorbacks do, everyone left satisfied.  Even safeties coach Taver Johnson had a good laugh.

"There was a kid in line and he looked at me and said "You've been sweating and you haven't done anything." said Johnson. "So I about passed out when I heard that, I was like "You know what, you're right. You're sweating pretty good and you're working hard.""

When I asked JJ Hollingsworth of Greenland about his camp experience, he only needed one word.


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