Neighborhood Divided on Bentonville Apartment Complex

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The Greens at Rainbow Curve is a 492-unit apartment complex proposed to be built just north of The Links and next to a residential subdivision.

Increased traffic is a concern for some who live in Thornbrook Village.

“You see a lot of families and a lot of children out walking and riding their bicycles so, that would be a concern,” said Carleta Currie.

The road to the apartments would be Southwest Been Road with access from the north off of Highway 102 and Southwest 28th Street, an access from the south off of Highway 12.

“We play a lot of different stuff and we run around playing tag so, if there`s more traffic it could be a problem,” added Sai Chittemsetty who often plays in the neighborhood with her younger siblings.

City of Bentonville Economic Development Director, Brian Bahr said adding an apartment complex wouldn’t make much of a difference in the traffic situation.

“On the traffic side when you look at multi-family, the rates are about seven trips per day but when you look at single family, it`s 10 trips per day, so it`s a little higher than the single family,” said Bahr.

Bentonville is booming and there needs to be more housing, according to Bahr.

“Bentonville’s multi-family vacancy rate is fairly low and my understanding it’s under three percent and typically at that point in time there`s a lot of development that occurs,” said Bahr.

“But you know somebody has to have a place to stay so building apartments would be a good thing to do in the neighborhood because there`s not very many apartments around here,” said Markeasian Gibbs, who just moved into Thornbrook Village Subdivision.

Bahr said before approving the project the city will address traffic and signage issues.

“If there’s a speeding issue, you can do it through traffic calming measures, you can do it through enforcement, signage, there are options available for that location,” said Bahr.

“If they have signs between the streets like saying children are crossing around, it`s good too,” added Dhana Chittemsetty, who lives in Thornbrook Village Subdvision.

The developer plans to add a 9-hole golf course to act as a buffer between the apartment complex and the subdivision.

The planning commission will have a public hearing so residents can express their concerns on June 18th.