Businesses Vying For First 55 Benton County Liquor Permits Selected

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The Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control division held a drawing Wednesday, in which 55 Benton County businesses were chosen at random to get the chance for liquor permits in the near future.

The businesses chosen will not necessarily be granted the permits, but will have the first opportunity to gain the permits at a series of hearings with Alcoholic Beverage Control in July, according to the division. The ABC will examine during the hearings whether there is any reason to reject the applicants chosen.

Each county in Arkansas has a set number of liquor permits available, based on population. Benton County voters chose in November to allow retail alcohol sales in the county. The limited number of permits are for hard liquor. There is no permit limit for beer and wine sales.

More than 300 businesses applied for liquor permits in Benton County, and 72 returned all their paperwork and fees, according to the ABC. The 55 spots were drawn from the 69 who showed up for the drawing.

The following is the list of 55 chosen businesses:

1.         Robert W. McCurry, Fine Wine & Spirits Store, 2503 SW “J” Street, Bentonville

2.         Charles L. Jech, C & J Liquors, 129 Fowler, Suite A, Gentry

3.         James C. Linstruth, Linstruth’s Wine and Liquors, 2501 North 4th St., Unit F, Rogers

4.         Brittany P. Wilks, B & G Liquor, 2100 W. Hudson, Ste. 4, Rogers

5.         Patsy J. Simmons, Susie Q Liquor, 612 No. 2nd Street, Rogers

6.         Sammy S. Leng, Kay’s Wine and Liquors, 2518 So. 18th, Rogers

7.         Kyle D. Castor, II, Still at the Tracks, 401 W. New Hope, Rogers

8.         Michael G. McGooden, McGoo’s, 2998 Hwy 412 East, Siloam Springs

9.         Charles O. Reeves, Gentry Spirits, 129 Fowler Street, Suite D, Gentry

10.       Erik P. Danielson, Walton Blvd. Wine and Spirits, LLC, 406 Razorback Rd., Bentonville

11.       Kerry D. Castor, City Sliquors, 1201 West Monroe, Lowell

12.       Katherine K. Moore, Tipsy’s wine and Fine Spirits, 1705 So. 8th, Rogers

13.       Natalie S. Hasenbeck, Bella Vista Wine & Spirits, 8830 W. McNelly, Bentonville

14.       Rita Bajwa, Beverage Mart Liquors, 7403 SW Regional Airport Blvd., Suite 2, Bentonville

15.       Michael F. McKenzie, Finnegan’s Wine and Spirits, 1301 No. Walton Blvd., Ste. 1, Bentonville

16.       Aimee R. Hasenbeck, Bentonville Wine & Spirits, 1720 So. Walton Blvd., Ste. 6, Bentonville

17.       Matthew E. Giess, It’s All Good Liquor, 1717 West Walnut, Rogers

18.       Johnny L. Dillard, Veteran Spirits, 13977 Gentilly Road, Rogers

19.       Joshua C. Kyles, Highway 12 Liquor, Corner of Hwy 12 & SW Bright Road, Bentonville

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20.       Lillian E. Fowler, Bridge Store Liquor, 15479 E. Highway 12, Rogers

21.       Kym M. Reeves, 102 Liquors, 2501 No. 4th Street, Ste. A, Rogers

22.       Jeremy D. Avance, Crossroads Liquor, 1401 So. Walton, #15, Bentonville

23.       Nathan D. Strayhorn, Nathan’s, 1220 East Centerton Blvd., Centerton

24.       Sheldon J. Nuhfer, Wine Basket, 207 East Monroe, Suite B, Lowell

25.       Christopher E. Moore, Fosters Spirit Shop, 2090 W. Pleasant Grove Rd., Rogers

26.       Sokunthea Sou, Tims Discount Liquor, 2328 So. 8th Street, Rogers

27.       Joseph S. Capko, JJ’s Lakebound Liquor, 2403 No. 2nd Street, Rogers

28.       Parminder Singh, Liquor Haven, 1200 SE 14th, Suite 2, Bentonville

29.       Vance M. Puttkammer, L. A. Liquors, 504 West Monroe, Lowell

30.       Phillip E. Lee, South Walton Spirits, 1104 So. Walton Blvd., Bentonville

31.       Stephen G. Baucom, Baucom’s Beverage, 2501 E. Central Ave., Bentonville

32.       Quintin W. Hilburn, Beaver Liquor, 1826 No. 2nd Street, Rogers

33.       Gary R. Eckel, Elkhorn Liquors, 16727 Highway 62, Garfield

34.       Garland L. Hall, J & H Liquor, 1206 NW Walton, Suite 4, Bentonville

35.       Jerry L. Brown, Bella Vista Liquor, 17333 Highway 71, Bella Vista

36.       Susan J. Hall, Jones Brother’s Beverages, 1206 NW Walton, #6, Bentonville

37.       Angela G. Cate, Squeaky’s Liquor, 206 SW 14th Street, Ste. C, Bentonville

38.       Sarah C. Gildehaus, Guess Who, 3700 SE Rainbow Road, Bentonville

39.       Eric C. George, High Spirits, 702 South Mt. Olive, Siloam Springs

40.       Jeffrey W. Stokes, Stock Tank Liquor, 3370 Hwy 412 East, Siloam Springs

41.       Lidia Almaraz, Rogers Liquor, LLC, 1303 Walnut 57, Rogers

42.       Alayna K. Bennett, Might Nice Wine & Spirits, 3403 SE “J” Street, Ste. 5, Bentonville

43.       James T. Willett, J & D Liquors, 1st Lot East of 14161 East Hwy 12, Rogers

44.       Heath R. Hasenbeck, Roger’s Wine & Spirits, 702 W. Cypress, Rogers

45.       Patrick M. Travis, Latte Da, 808 So. 52nd Street, Suite B, Rogers

46.       Sopheak Srunn, BJ’s Liquor, 1902 South 8th Street, Rogers

47.       Judith K. Castor, The Liquor Steer, 215 West New Hope Road, Rogers

48.       Nicholas W. Southerland, Dr’s Orders, 541 West Hudson, Rogers

49.       John D. Lawrence, Junior’s Package Store, 2601 W. Hudson Road, Rogers

50.       Timothy A. Harrell, Mac’s Get-N-Go, 2833 Bella Vista Way, Bella Vista

51.       James R. Hasenbeck, Bob’s Liquor, 212 East Spruce, Rogers

52.       Chad D. Smith, Chad’s Beverage Shop, 139 No. Curtis, Ste. C, Pea Ridge

53.       Timothy E. Witcher, T-N-T Liquor, 1190-A Hwy 59 South, Decatur

54.       Stephen J. Nolte, Lowell Liquor, 109 West Monroe, Lowell

55.       Keith W. Smithpeters, Prairie Creek Liquor, SW Corner of Stoner & Highway 12, Prairie Creek