Family Warns of the Dangers of Cliff Diving

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Lacie Lowry, News on 6, reporting

The family of a man who drowned at Skiatook Lake is begging Oklahomans to learn from their grief.

Jeffrey Clegg, 32, died after illegally jumping from some bluffs, and it's something lake patrol has been struggling with for years.

Clegg's aunt and uncle say he was a fun-loving thrill seeker, and that may have cost him his life.

"It's not worth it, that few minutes of excitement and fun is not worth it," Tammy Isenhour said. "Not worth what everybody's going through in our family. It'll never be the same."

Enforcement officers write tickets when they see violators, but the Oklahoma Highway Patrol says the cliffs are a problem every summer.

Clegg leaves behind two children, an 11-year-old boy and 8-year-old girl. His family says he loved his kids more than anything and they hope others can learn from his tragic mistake.

"Maybe one person will think twice and it won't happen to them and one family will be saved this pain," Isenhour said.

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