YCity Flood Victims ‘Start from Scratch’

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Nearly two weeks after flash flooding ripped through Scott County, destroying homes and leaving a path of destruction in the area behind, residents are now focusing on rebuilding and on moving forward.

"It's all gone," Bernis Rogers, whose home was destroyed in the flooding, said. "I mean we have to start from scratch. But it'll come together."

Rogers' home was one of more than 50 that was destroyed or damaged in flash flooding near YCity.

"You know I've never seen anything like it anywhere," Rogers said. "You know I've been through tornadoes and floods in different places but this was my hometown. It's just scary."

Rick Hawthrone, who lives just up the road from Rogers, said the destruction caused overnight was just overwhelming.

"I went to sleep with the rain thinking that it might be bad but I never assumed it was going to be that bad," Hawthorne said. "I mean it rained one night and that did it. Usually this type of damage will take two or three days of steady rain."

In addition to rebuilding homes, the county is also working to repair several county roads and bridges which were also severely damaged. Scott County Judge James Forbes said four bridges in the area have been condemned because they just aren't safe enough anymore.

Another major concern for YCity is the levee which was partially washed away during the storm.

"This dam, this dyke over here, it's completely gone," Rogers said. "If it rains again, that's where the water will come in again."

"It's very important that it gets fixed," Hawthorne added. "You can see just what all the water can do, the power of the water. There's a business there that's in danger every time it floods as well as all of the people who live downstream."

Scott County has been declared a state of emergency according to Forbes. However, he also notes that no public assistance disaster funding has come through at the federal level as of now. Instead, he says the county is rebuilding what they can simply off of donations given for now.

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