KFC Calls Local Chicken Trailer “Conflict Of Interest To Our Success”

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A turf war forged by KFC against a nearby local chicken food trailer is heading to the Fayetteville Planning Commission.

The commission is scheduled to decide at its June 24 meet whether to allow the Frickin Chicken food trailer to hold its ground just off of North College Avenue. The local eatery is seeking to extend its 90-day temporary permit an extra nine months, with the trailers owner citing interest of customers.

But management for nearby KFC believe the trailer has outstayed its welcome and may hurt the major chicken chain’s business. Joseph A. Morrow of KFC/BRM Foods sent a letter to the planning commission opposing Frickin Chicken, saying, “…[B]y allowing this mobile unit to position itself in such close proximity to our newly-remodeled KFC Restaurant, there would be a conflict—a PROFOUND conflict of interest to our success…”

KFC prefaces its letter by stating, “…we are always excited to see new businesses open, succeed, and prosper within our communities. We most certainly share our best wishes for the success of Frickin Chicken.”

Clayton Scott with Frickin Chicken sent a separate letter to the planning commission, stating that his food trailer is following all laws and city codes, and wishes for an extension of Frickin Chicken’s permit to operate.

“This is a long-term dream come true and a positive addition to the eatery landscape of this progressive community,” Scott states. “We will gladly comply with any improvements that the planning commission deems necessary within reason of budget for a small and new mobile food business.”