Farmers Harvest ‘Best Wheat Crop’

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Wheat is being harvested across both Arkansas and Oklahoma. Local farmers saying this year's crop is the best they've seen.

Marty Arnold, whose been farming in Crawford County his entire life says this year's crop is top-notch.

"As far as the wheat harvest I've cut the best wheat I've ever cut this year," Arnold said.

Tom Cosner, who lives across the state line in Sequoyah County, agreed, saying he's harvesting an exceptional crop this year.

"[The wheat] pretty good today," Cosner said. "With wheat, something might go wrong tomorrow. But its pretty good today and the price is decent so we're happy."

Both Arnold and Cosner said they were worried this year's wet, rainy weather would hurt their crops.

"I didn't think it was going to be as good because of the recent rains that we've had," Arnold said. "Normally, once [the wheat] starts drying down and is starting to turn, it doesn't need much water."

The rain actually ended up being a blessing, turning crops in the area that much faster and making this year's harvest that much better.

"Makes you pray a lot," Cosner said. "You know, you're just at God's mercy everyday."

"You know, that's just one thing you can't control," Arnold said. "I had someone tell me one time not to worry about the things you have no control over. So I try not to anymore."

In addition to the wheat crop looking really good, Arnold said both the corn crop and soybean crop in the area also look promising. However, Arnold said it is still too early to tell how those crops will turn out at the end of the season.