Girls of All Ages Flock to Follow Golfer Stacy Lewis

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Former University of Arkansas standout Stacy Lewis had a huge following at the LPGA's Northwest Arkansas Championship this week, including a host of fans who view Lewis as a role model.

Lewis didn't win the tournament Sunday at Pinnacle Country Club but that didn't dampen the enthusiasm of girls of all ages who were dedicated in following her all weekend. They stood in line to get close to their favorite player, and to get her autograph.

Emilee Neisso, 16, got her phone case autographed. She promised that she was going to show off the autograph to "everyone" back home in Charleston.

Last year, Neisso was a standard bearer for Lewis' group.

"Last year I held the sign for her and that was really fun too," Neisso said.

Lewis wasn't the only professional golfer signing autographs for the public. Ryann Lewis, 6, had many autographs but agreed that Lewis' was her favorite.

Two sisters got their flag signed. One hopes to be as good as the former Razorback some day.

"I’m just learning how to play golf and she’s a great example," said Olivia Gordy, 11. "I mean she’s in the LPGA. She’s really good.”

Olivia's sister, 9-year-old Claire, said Lewis was her favorite for obvious reasons.

"I like Stacey Lewis because she’s from Arkansas and you can tell she’s really good," Claire Gordy said.

The admiration goes both ways. Lewis said her adoring fans motivate her just as much as she motivates them.

"I’ve had so much fun out there, the crowds, I just look at them and makes me want to smile and honestly that’s what’s kept me so relaxed all week," Lewis said.