Pedometers Promotes Health at the NWA Championship

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There’s a lot of walking at the Walmart Northwest Arkransas Championship presented by P and G and Mercy Hospital of Rogers wanted to make sure each step golfers and spectator took counts.

The Mercy tent, located near the 17th green, gave away 2,000 pedometers in three days. Walkers who clocked in two miles had a chance to win a mountain bike and two tickets the Mercy Hospital Charity Ball in December.

“This (the back of the pedometer) will change the mode to miles as well as calories burned so you can see some of the statistics it will track here for you,” said Brunen.

Kyle Brunen, health and wellness program manager for Mercy Hospital, said the pedometers motivated walkers to multiply their steps and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

”Our community is really yearning for opportunities to get out with their family to be healthy and active,” Brunen said.

”We’re excited about the opportunity and excited about educating people on how to make better choices when they leave the tournament,” Brunens said.

Brunens said spectators who followed a golfer throughout the Pinnacle Country Club walked about five to six miles.

”With the pedometers being handed out to kids, I think it’s important to them,” said Tony Allen, who played in the Pro-Am.

Dean Collins, a volunteer, said, ”walking is such a good exercise and I think everybody should walk.”

Lucinda Smith said it was her first time wearing a pedometer.

“I might wear it more often,” Lucinda Smith said.

Her husband James Smith said he was tested it out to see if its something he wants to apply to daily life.

”It’s pretty easy, it’s not too intrusive, you just clip it on your belt and it would be interesting to see how many steps you take it a day, weekend, week and a month maybe,” James Smith said.