Mother of Machete Murder Suspect Calls Son “Misunderstood”

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Following an alleged double-murder involving a machete, the suspect's mom Kimberley LeClaire described her son, 20-year-old Gregory Aaron Kinsey, as an “outcast,” a  “cutter,” and “brilliant.”

Kinsey is accused of killing two men in a Fort Smith alley with a machete late Wednesday night (June 26).

Kinsey told police he felt threatened by the men who approached him while he was walking home from a nearby store, according to court documents.

"There's gonna be a law to carry his name,” LeClaire said. “There's gonna be something changed. He’s 20-years-old. He’s 20. Never gonna have children, never gonna get married. They took his life from him.”

LeClaire said her love for her son is unconditional and above all he is a human being.

“A mother`s love can transcend bars and concrete walls. There`s nothing that can stop the love for my son it`s unconditional,” said LeClaire.

LeClaire said her son is a victim of the attack and that he acted in self-defense. Family friends of Kinsey said he is different but just wanted to live his life.

"He didn't come out during the day. He didn't believe in it," said a family friend.

Kinsey lived a few blocks from his mother. Cleanup crews at his apartment complex said it was quite the scene.

"It was literally a horror scene,” said Rick Chase. "This guy was apparently cutting himself and drawing pictures in the blood. He had pictures all over of devil worshiping."

Police said Kinsey has no criminal record and the investigation is ongoing.