Police: Fake Robbery Set Up To Allow Sex With Underage Girl

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Police say a robbery last week involving a masked man with condoms and zip ties was all an elaborate ruse to allow one of the alleged victims to have sex with an underage teenage girl.

Fernando Monter-Verde, 31, and Joseph Samuel, 24, were arrested Thursday by Springdale police following a week-long investigation into a burglary at the Links Apartments.

Police said Samuel, armed and wearing a mask, allegedly broke into the apartment June 21 as part of an agreement with one of the apartment’s occupants, Monter-Verde. Monter-Verde was in the apartment at the time with a young teenage girl and a three-year-old girl.

Samuel was supposed to make the encounter look like a random robbery, force Monter-Verde and the teen to take their clothes off and make Monter-Verde and the girl have sex with each other, Samuel allegedly told Springdale detectives.

The masked gunman forced entry as planned, and asked Monter-Verde and the girl to take their clothes off. The man complied, but the teenager did not, police said. When the teen refused to disrobe, the masked gunman took the agreed-upon money anyway and fled, Samuel told police.

Monter-Verde told police he was having problems with his marriage and admitted to paying Samuel to rob the apartment, according to police.

Police responded to the scene shortly after the break-in and found zip ties and condoms in a nearby trash receptacle.