National Youth BB Gun Championship Hits Rogers

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Kids with BB guns filled the John Q Hammons Center in Rogers on Friday, readying for the weekend’s national BB gun championship.

The largest national 5-meter BB gun match for youth attracted competitors from across the country for the three-day event, sponsored by BB gun maker Daisy, which is based in Rogers.

“Well, it’s just a bunch of people that like to shoot and enjoy Daisy,” said Kevin Baische, a BB gun coach from Montana. “This is my fourth nationals that I came to, and (it’s) just a wonderful experience for the kids, the coaches, the parents.”

A record number of teams registered this year, and thousands of spectators are expected to come out this weekend and watch the teams in action.

“We didn’t come from so far to go home without a trophy,” Baische said.

A boy boasting a fake beard meant as an homage to the hit TV show “Duck Dynasty” thinks his team from Louisiana is going to take home the coveted trophy.

“’Cause we’re the only ones that have a costume on,” he said.

Rogers Mayor Greg Hines is scheduled to welcome competitors to the competition and kick the event off Saturday at 8 a.m. The event held a meet-and-greet and opening ceremonies Friday night.

The Daisy Company will present a $1,000 reward to each team that qualifies for, attends and competes in a match.