Suspected Bootlegger Arrested in Conway

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A bootlegging operation in Conway has been shut down, according to police.

Officers raided a mobile home on Robbins Street and found gallons of beer and liquor all over the house Friday (June 28), police said. Some of it was even hidden in a dryer.

A Jesus Jose Becerra, 44, was arrested and faces two counts of distribution of alcohol without a permit. Police confiscated approximately 78 gallons of beer and just more than a gallon of liquor.

Faulkner County is a dry county. Private clubs in Conway can sell alcohol by the glass with a permit.

Becerra admitted to selling the alcohol out of his home and said he could sell what was found in the mobile home in a single Friday night, police said.

The confiscated alcohol was destroyed and the bottles and cans were recycled, police said.

Police say they were acting on a tip from residents who complained of the traffic in the area when the bust was made.