BLOG: “Famous Bachelor” Lonesome George To Be Stuffed

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Lonesome George, the last giant tortoise of the Galapagos, made headlines when he died last summer at the age of 100.

He will forever be on display, with plans to stuff his body. It wasn’t just his age, his “bachelor-ism,” or his size that made headlines, however.

George served as a conservation icon and symbol of the Galapagos Islands for years. His death signaled the end of his species. Although, experts searched for a female of his kind, none was ever found. He was coined “Lonesome George” the bachelor.

George was considered the “rarest creature in the world.” After his death, now more than a year ago, his body was frozen. Taxidermists at New York’s American Museum of Natural History will stuff his body, which will eventually be on display in the winter. George will eventually be returned to Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands.